What do I do?

I research, educate and code.


What are my passions?

Physics has always been a big part of my life, whether it’s thinking about basic mechanics problems or trying to tackle the more global challenge of fusion energy.  Whatever the subject, I have always enjoyed exploring new ideas and found great pleasure in explaining things to people.


What is my story?

After 9 years working in academic institutions in the UK and overseas I could see that the research and education landscape was beginning to shift.  The rise of open access publishing, crowd funding, citizen science projects and massive open online courses is pointing the way to a new model of research and education that is not restricted to the few, but open to all.   With the help of technology, now anyone can make a difference – one only needs a computer, an internet connection and an inquisitive and open mind.

I am now part of this movement, in charge of my own research and fully committed to open science and education. If you are interested in helping support my open science please feel free to get in contact.