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Microclimate change

A CO2 detective story in my flat

Rising tides

The future if ice caps melt

Creative Muse

Keeping "The Artist's Way" alive with GPT4


Let's make rainbows 🌈

Creating digital rainbows with GPT4

Constrained particles

My first physics collaboration with GPT4

Backup Gitlab issues

My first GPT 💡 moment

Taste of Tech

Is a tech career right for you?

Rubbish reality

Unmasking our landfill legacy


Back in stock

Building a stock checker and notifier 🔔


A presentation tool powered by Reveal.js

Grow your own food?

Unearthing the truth with guesstimation

Pickle power

Unblocking guesstimation gridlock with the geometric mean


Staggering scales

Guesstimating the number of atoms on earth

Guesstimating the earth

A journey to the center of our planet

What is guesstimation?

The process of solving "impossible" problems


The no-list reading list app


Reflections on my first attempt at making a tech business

Peer to peer video calling

It's built into your browser already 😮

WhatsApp migration

How to extract links from your chats



The free and simple flash card app

Particle in a box 📦

How do quantum particles move

Two state quantum systems

A model for solid state nuclear reactions

Nuclear resonance energy transfer

A Marie Curie fellowship proposal

Deuterium cold fusion experiments

Prosasic explanation of my 'success'

Gentle nuclear

Engineering the nucleus

Stern-Gerlach experiment

A classical view

What is cold fusion?

Past, present, future

Plotting Palladium

Using Observable notebooks to aid research

Deuterium drama

Unforeseen chemistry challenges in cold fusion


The road to deuterium

Next steps in my cold fusion experiments

My first cold fusion experiment

It's been a long time coming

Coconut conundrum

Pivoting my cold fusion experiments


Walking droplets

Quantum behaviour from a classical system?


Becoming an experimentalist

My foray into cold fusion experiments

Research rabbit hole

Delving deeper into cold fusion (LENR)


A decentralised peer-reviewed publication platform

Cold fusion

A very brief history


Plasma art

Sparking curiosity in science

Instabilities in fusion plasmas

A summary of my academic research

Fusor: Star mode

Understanding if enhanced electrostatic fusion is possible

Play with particles

An experiment in cross platform physics apps


Bump-on-Tail simulation tool