A consistent theme in my life is education.

During my academic life, I lectured courses on advanced mathematical methods and electromagnetic waves to PhD and masters students. In addition, I supervised and mentored students of all levels and held problem solving classworks for groups of undergraduates. I also presented my research to hundreds at international conferences.

Outside academia, I've tutored individual students needing help with maths and physics.

Currently, I teach people how to code and work with data. I also create and facilitate workshops with business leaders to help them understand new technologies like blockchain, machine learning and quantum computing. If you need: a speaker, a facilitator or help creating educational content, then please get in contact.

I also write online interactive computational essays (aka notebooks) to help people understand quantum physics, e.g.

Quantum physics - Particle in a "box" Observable Notebook
Created by Matt Lilley

This collection is dedicated to exploring the quantum behaviour of particles moving under the influence of a confining potential - aka a "quantum box"

And I make educational videos on my YouTube channel CasualPhysics