My first cold fusion experiment

It's been a long time coming

Part of the Cold fusion (LENR) series
Sat, Aug 24, 2019

Yesterday I did my first cold fusion experiment. I’ve been working up to this since I decided to become an experimentalist back in 2017. Needless to say I was incredibly excited.

Up to now, I’ve been sharing detailed progress on my experimental log and snippets on CasualPhysics on Twitter. Today, I’m starting to also document my journey on CasualPhysics on YouTube.

Right now, you can see how I prepared the materials for this first experiment:

and you can see what my cold fusion reactor looks like and how it works:

Two big questions remain:

  1. Did I make cold fusion happen?
  2. Did I manage to stick to my £1000 budget?

My spending is currently sitting at around £2000. I’m not too upset about it though. I’m new to this whole experimental game and I know a lot of the overspending was because I was learning as I was doing.

Did I make cold fusion happen? I saw a 5C rise in temperature above the baseline using a hybrid of the Les Case and Mizuno work - this suggests there was an extra source of heat coming from inside the reactor. I’m using hydrogen not deuterium, so this result was surprising. Many variables to consider and a full analysis will have to wait until after my holiday. Cliff hanger 🤣.