A presentation tool powered by Reveal.js

Mon, Sep 5, 2022

I’ve been working with web based presentation tools for years. Back in 2017, there were two main open-source tools for building beautiful web based presentations, WebSlides and RevealJS. It wasn’t obvious back then which one (if any) would survive to become the standard. Today, it is clear by comparing the project activity of WebSlides vs RevealJS on Github, that RevealJS is the tool of choice.

I’ve worked a lot with WebSlides but often thought about making something with RevealJS. I always found getting started with RevealJS to be a pain. I wanted to be able to simply write some markdown like this:

 1<!-- contents of e.g. -->
 2Slide 1
 4### Notes:
 5A simple note for slide 1
 9Slide 2 
11### Notes:
12Some more structured notes
13#### Point
14The point of this slide 
15#### Narrative
16What I want to say on this slide 
17#### Transition
18How will I link to the next slide
22Slide 3

and then run something like an npx command to render that markdown as a beautiful RevealJS presentation. This didn’t seem like an out of the box option, so I decided to build Slidee.

At its core, Slidee turns a folder of markdown files into Reveal.js presentations. They look great out of the box, but can be styled to your hearts content. If that sounds like something you need in your life then you can find out more at the Slidee Github repo.