Taste of Tech

Is a tech career right for you?

Sat, Apr 15, 2023

Since 2017, I’ve worked a lot in tech education, running accelerated learning experiences on all kinds of tech topics, e.g. blockchain and quantum computing and, as a senior engineering trainer at a bootcamp, I’ve helped people launch their careers in tech (check out student recommendations on my LinkedIn).

I’ve seen how hard it can be for people to figure out if a career in tech is right for them and so I’m experimenting with an idea to help unblock peoples’ decision paralysis and make a confident choice about their next career.

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Taste of Tech is a weekend long, self-paced, interactive, online course that puts you in the shoes of a developer working in a team. We simulate the experience of working in a remote team by creating virtual colleagues, e.g. product owners, designers and developers. You’ll work to complete a project brief that goes through the whole tech life-cycle; with all the the twists and turns that go along with that to create a genuine experience of what tech is like.

If you like this idea and would like to collaborate with me on it the please get in touch.