Cold fusion ( lenr)

An adventure into the fridges of physics

Deuterium cold fusion experiments

Prosasic explanation of my 'success'

It's been some months since the Deuterium drama almost put a stop to my cold fusion experiments. Luckily, I was still able to run a couple of experiments in …

What is cold fusion?

Past, present, future

Imagine a future where households and businesses generate their own clean energy. No more reliance on massive power plants, no more coal, oil, or even solar and …

Plotting Palladium

Using Observable notebooks to aid research

In this post I've embedded an Obvservable notebook that I'm trying out as an easy way to visualise the loading of deutereium into palladium in my experiments. …

Deuterium drama

Unforeseen chemistry challenges in cold fusion

It was all going so well! Alas, I had not factored in some important chemistry that slowly clogged up my deutereium generator over the Christmas break 😫.


The road to deuterium

Next steps in my cold fusion experiments

It's been 3 months since I did my first cold fusion experiment. I've open sourced my research, been on a cold fusion conference, made some new collaborators and …

My first cold fusion experiment

It's been a long time coming

Yesterday I did my first cold fusion experiment. I've been working up to this since 2017. Needless to say I was incredibly excited. Did I make cold fusion …

Coconut conundrum

Pivoting my cold fusion experiments

If you've been following me @CasualPhysics on Twitter, then you will have seen the rather large spanner in the works for my Les Case replication experiments.


Becoming an experimentalist

My foray into cold fusion experiments

A month ago, I committed myself to making some local cold fusion connections by placing somewhat cryptic posters in London university physics departments. One …

Research rabbit hole

Delving deeper into cold fusion (LENR)

I'm very grateful to cold fusion veteran Prof. Peter Hagelstein - he's pointed me in the direction of the right rabbit hole in which I'm now learning a lot. He …

Cold fusion

A very brief history

As with many people, cold fusion was thrust into my awareness in 2011 when Andrea Rossi claimed to have demonstrated cold fusion using nickel and hydrogen. …