Microclimate change

A CO2 detective story in my flat

I love my new flat, but I'm getting headaches. There's not a lot of ventilation and I have a sense that just my breathing might be enough to alter my …

Rising tides

The future if ice caps melt

We explore the realities of melting ice caps—examining how sea levels might rise and the implications for our world. Is this a critical juncture for …


Let's make rainbows 🌈

Creating digital rainbows with GPT4

I saw the most spectacular rainbow not long ago and wondered whether I could simulate it 🤔. I decided that, with the help of GPT, it would be totally doable and …

Constrained particles

My first physics collaboration with GPT4

GPT and I built a interactive particle simulation with constraints - each particle must stay equidistant from two other particles. It took just a few hours to …

Rubbish reality

Unmasking our landfill legacy

So, picture a landfill. It's essentially a gaping hole that swallows our waste, an insatiable beast. But exactly how insatiable is it? How gigantic are these …


Grow your own food?

Unearthing the truth with guesstimation

Have you ever daydreamed about leading a self-sufficient life, growing all your food on a patch of land? It's an alluring fantasy, isn't it? But how feasible is …

Pickle power

Unblocking guesstimation gridlock with the geometric mean

Picture this – you're in a bustling city, London, to be precise, with a pickle in hand 🥒. Now imagine every pickle consumed in London over the span of a year, …


Staggering scales

Guesstimating the number of atoms on earth

And, we get to add another tool to our toolbox today - scientific notation. It might sound a little complicated if you're new to it, but trust me, you'll soon …

Guesstimating the earth

A journey to the center of our planet

Today is all about doing your first guesstimate. We'll do it by embarking on a cool thought experiment together – trying to estimate the distance to the centre …

What is guesstimation?

The process of solving "impossible" problems

In this series, I'll show you how not to stress about big, impossible sounding problems, like "how many people are picking their nose right now?". The secret is …


Particle in a box 📦

How do quantum particles move

This collection of tutorials is dedicated to exploring the quantum behaviour of particles moving under the influence of a confining potential - a "quantum box". …

Two state quantum systems

A model for solid state nuclear reactions

The Project Ida team and I have created a series of computational tutorials in the form of Python-based Jupyter notebooks on two state quantum systems. Nobel …

Nuclear resonance energy transfer

A Marie Curie fellowship proposal

The process of applying for EU money is (as with many grant applications) very involved. It does however, provide a good opportunity to condense your thoughts …

Deuterium cold fusion experiments

Prosasic explanation of my 'success'

It's been some months since the Deuterium drama almost put a stop to my cold fusion experiments. Luckily, I was still able to run a couple of experiments in …

Gentle nuclear

Engineering the nucleus

Have you ever thought about a world where nuclear energy doesn't mean radiation and toxic waste? Sounds like a far-fetched idea, right? In the video above, we …

Stern-Gerlach experiment

A classical view

To my surprise, it is only very recently that Stern-Gerlach interferometer experiments are being considered practical enough to implement and yet they are used …

What is cold fusion?

Past, present, future

Imagine a future where households and businesses generate their own clean energy. No more reliance on massive power plants, no more coal, oil, or even solar and …

Plotting Palladium

Using Observable notebooks to aid research

In this post I've embedded an Obvservable notebook that I'm trying out as an easy way to visualise the loading of deutereium into palladium in my experiments. …

Deuterium drama

Unforeseen chemistry challenges in cold fusion

It was all going so well! Alas, I had not factored in some important chemistry that slowly clogged up my deutereium generator over the Christmas break 😫.


The road to deuterium

Next steps in my cold fusion experiments

It's been 3 months since I did my first cold fusion experiment. I've open sourced my research, been on a cold fusion conference, made some new collaborators and …

My first cold fusion experiment

It's been a long time coming

Yesterday I did my first cold fusion experiment. I've been working up to this since 2017. Needless to say I was incredibly excited. Did I make cold fusion …

Coconut conundrum

Pivoting my cold fusion experiments

If you've been following me @CasualPhysics on Twitter, then you will have seen the rather large spanner in the works for my Les Case replication experiments.


Walking droplets

Quantum behaviour from a classical system?

What's really interesting about these fluid dynamics experiments is that they appear to produce similar behaviour as seen in quantum mechanics 🤯. This result …


Becoming an experimentalist

My foray into cold fusion experiments

A month ago, I committed myself to making some local cold fusion connections by placing somewhat cryptic posters in London university physics departments. One …

Research rabbit hole

Delving deeper into cold fusion (LENR)

I'm very grateful to cold fusion veteran Prof. Peter Hagelstein - he's pointed me in the direction of the right rabbit hole in which I'm now learning a lot. He …

Cold fusion

A very brief history

As with many people, cold fusion was thrust into my awareness in 2011 when Andrea Rossi claimed to have demonstrated cold fusion using nickel and hydrogen. …


Plasma art

Sparking curiosity in science

The walls of physics departments are often lined with poster contributions from old conferences. The vast majority go without so much as a glance from visitors …

Instabilities in fusion plasmas

A summary of my academic research

To reach extreme fusion temperatures, energetic beams of particles are injected. Once the plasma “ignites”, energetic fusion products should heat the plasma in …

Fusor: Star mode

Understanding if enhanced electrostatic fusion is possible

One of the original concepts for a fusion reactor involved the use of electric fields from spherical charged wire grids - something now known as a Fusor.

Play with particles

An experiment in cross platform physics apps

Inspired by advances in both web and mobile technologies, I created the Play with Particles webapp. The user is able to control the motion of particles through …


Bump-on-Tail simulation tool

BOT is a Matlab tool for studying the electrostatic instability in the bump-on-tail problem in plasma physics. I originally created this tool in 2011 as part of …